Big data and Accounting. Call for papers.

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This special issue of Critical Perspectives on Accounting provides an opportunity to further advance discussions of the integration of all forms of accounting with critical issues in Big Data. We welcome submissions from a wide range of theoretical, methodological and empirical approaches – as long as they are consistent with the spirit of the critical paradigm of accounting research (e.g., Dillard & Vinnari, 2017; Gendron, 2018). Possible themes include:


– The use of Big Data and predictive algorithms in the work of management accountants
– Ethical challenges in the integration of Big Data and traditional accounting information within firm ERPs
– The internal use of Big Data by government agencies, in the provision of public services such as health, education and transport and the aggregation and disclosure of this information in the form of dashboards
– The use of Big Data by those seeking to disrupt public discourse and traditional election processes
– Etc..


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