Journal of Management Control. Call for papers

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Call for papers: Experiments, Replications and the Advancement of Management Accounting and Control Research.


This special issue of the Journal of Management Control invites therefore experimental papers in the broad domain of management accounting and control. We also welcome methodological papers on experiments and replication.


The focus of the papers may include, but is not limited to:


  • Replications that focus on a different sample: this includes replications of management accounting and control experiments in another country or with other types of subjects. This type of replication investigates to what extent findings can be replicated in different settings (focus on generalizability, or external validity).
  • Replications that introduce new measures or methods: these papers study potential confounds and/or alternative explanations for earlier findings (focus on internal validity).
  • Replications that introduce extensions: this involves re-running an existing experiment with an extended specification (a new theory is added in an attempt to increase explanatory power).


Language: English.


Review: Double-blind review process.


Length: about 8,000 words excluding abstract, footnotes and references, 1.5-spaced.


Deadline: March 31, 2020.


Submission: via electronic submission platform Editorial Manager:


For more information:

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